Mountain pepper tofu

I found this rather nice recipe in Ottolengi's "Plenty", and adapted it to use mountain pepperberry instead of black pepper. It turned out excellently well, so I thought it worth sharing.

Yes, it uses tofu. It's delicious and light, and all deep-fried and crunchy.

Serve with plain steamed jasmine rice.

Native pepper tofu (1)

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Suggestions from our customers!

Our customers have some wildly inventive suggestions for our flavours. Here's some of them! Please contact us with anything that's worked for you - we'd love to add them here!

  • Use wattleseed as the base for a home-made curry paste.
  • Wattleseed and mountain pepperberry in a home-made chai mix.
  • Forestberry herb with chicken.
  • Mountain pepperberry, lemon myrtle, and wattleseed in home-made chai.
  • "Lemonberry sugar is great to jazz up a fruit salad. A light sprinkle will revive a disappointing rockmelon."
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Lemonberry or wattleseed bikkies

This is a very plain butter biscuit, made special by the infused sugars.

The Lemonberry Sugar makes for a subtle lemony, herby flavour that goes well with tea.
The Wattleseed Sugar makes for a richer, nutty flavour that goes with everything.

coffee and wattlebikkies

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Warrigal frittata

This is a lovely light lunch or dinner dish. Serve with a salad of fresh seasonal leaves and a crisp glass of white wine.

cutting frittata

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